VW Transporter T2 westfalia 1977


Before the renstoration

Never ending cuttng and grinding

Really long process as we ended up having to cut out over 60 metal pices!  And that was just the first stage

Now-welding time

That’s one small step for man but one giant  for a projectThat’s one small step for man, one giant leap for the project

No corrosion at all, few coats of acid primers and wash primers and very little body filers
Oh yes, now we need holliday,


This is the time when we get depresed, cant see any progres, Robert is asking for P45

 and thousands spots more to get close to perfection Im gone, where is my P45

 Time to pick up some colour


 engine refreshment


And finally we respray it for blue colour,ha


Very good choice with the floor tlles, its gergeous


and this is it, another job done

Many thanks for all people involved in to the project, specially for ROBERT. All the best  for  Mary and Paul.